xtc is a open source thin client software. You need a Raspberry Pi 3 or a Ubuntu system to use xtc. Connect to all servers in your network and benefit from their power.

What is a thin client?


xtc runs with Raspberry Pi 3 and Ubuntu Server 16.04 and newer. Easy configuration. Remote control with ssh or Xvnc.


xtc knows the protocols VNC, RDP, ssh, X2Go, XDMCP. xtc use standard client software (xfreerdp, rdesktop, vncviewer).

easy to use

Easy installation and configuration. The Raspberry Pi version is a complete runnable system.

Easy to configure a connection

For different connection types a suitable dialog. The dialogs contains the main connection parameters.

Easys to use a connection

Choose a connection from a list. Click an entry in the list abd work with the connection.

Raspberry Pi Desktop kit

Change your Rasperry Pi into a real desktop thin client. With xtc and the case from element14.

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Download Image for Raspberry Pi 3

Download for Ubuntu server 16.04 and newer

Download user manual