vmmail 2

Release 2.2

vmmail 2 is an mail transport server software.
It is used for the central filing and administration of mails.
With vmmail you have a smart host mail server to send, receive and archive mails. Manage your mails with a web frontend or an IMAP mail client.
The prerequisite is that a provider (ISP) has an e-mail account and an SMTP and POP3 access is available.

vmmail is out of the box: install an run.

Download vmmail

Uses open source and freeware software




Before installation, check:

  1. mail account
  2. POP3 server name
  3. SMTP server name

For the installation you need a internet connection.

  1. Install Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS.
  2. A tutorial on how to install Ubuntu Server can be found at here.
  3. Download vmmail.tar.gz and copy it to your computer.
  4. Unpack vmmail.tar.gz:

    tar xvfzp vmmail.tar.gz

  5. Install vmmail:

    sudo vmmail/

  6. Answer a few questions during installation.
  7. After installation reboot your computer
  8. Run roundcube: https://servername/roundcube. replace servername with the ip address or name from your server.
  9. Login with your username and password.

For more information read here.

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